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Jade Dunn

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Jade Dunn

Occupational Therapy Assistant
BA (Hons) Social Work

Jade's background is in social work and family support. Jade studied a BA (Hons) Degree in Social Work at Manchester University and graduated in 2008.

Jade has worked in a range of settings, including schools, children's centres and local authorities, including; adoption, safeguarding, supporting new mothers, parenting support and early years education.

Jade recently began caring for her father-in-law, who is living with Dementia. She has been supporting him in managing his condition and aspects of his daily living.

This inspired Jade to being a new chapter, supporting clients living with acquired brain injuries.

In Jade's spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, attending the gym, hiking and being in nature. She also loves Harry Potter!

Jade says, "Having been on the receiving end of needing support, I truly appreciate the value of this role. To be able to use the skills I've acquired through work and my personal life is incredibly rewarding and something I hope to continue doing as long as I can."

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