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Our Process

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1. Referral

This can be made by a multidisciplinary team (MDT), the client (self-referral), family member or other party.

2. Information Gathering

This may come from the client during an assessment, medical staff, or verbal information given by family members from accounts they have witnessed.

3. Assessment

The intention of this session is to gain a picture of the client's current abilities. The therapists may make a baseline assessment of tasks, this may include getting up and down from a chair and getting dressed, a cognitive assessment to identity how orientated the client is, it will also involve learning more about the client; activities they enjoy, what motivates them and discussions will also be had around their goals for the future.

4. Goal Setting

In partnership with the client and using the information gathered during the assessment the therapists will negotiate meaningful goals. These will include short-term and long-term goals, helping the client maximise their independence.

5. Intervention/ Therapy Sessions

Our therapy sessions focus on activities that are both person oriented and environmental. We believe in engaging our clients in meaningful activities that are not only fun but deliver on therapy goals. Our sessions are designed to improve the quality of life of our clients whilst supporting them on their rehabilitation journey.

This support can range from; providing equipment which will assist with independence in personal care to improving fine motor skills and confidence whilst learning new skills such as those learnt in forestry sessions.

6. Evaluation

Therapists will evaluate the outcomes and measure them against the client's baseline ability, in doing so they will be able to identify clearly the improvements made. Outcomes will also be measured against short-term and long-term goals demonstrating the progress a client is making in their rehabilitation journey.

“I have collaborated with Heads Up Therapies since they launched. Their approach is always innovative and client focused. They offered a wide range of therapeutic and modern activities which allows for great engagement with our clients.

Ryan and his team work hard for every client and have excellent skills in motivating and encouraging clients to lead fulfilling lives.”

Beacon Case Management

Sophie Benko-Jones
Director & Case Manager