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Lorraine Supyk

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Lorraine Supyk

ABI and SEND Specialist Tutor

Lorraine is a specialist English/SEND teacher who has worked with a range of students from pre-school to adults during the 29 years she has taught.

Lorraine loves her job and really enjoys seeing students develop academically.

She is an approachable and friendly person by nature and this nurturing aspect of her personality seems to go a long way in helping students feel at ease whilst trying to learn.

During her career and prior to the Covid pandemic, Lorraine managed and taught alongside some amazing people, in her own tutoring agency for 7 years. She achieved and maintained a 5 star rating throughout that time, which she is very proud of as it reflects the dedication and pride that she takes in my work.

Lorraine has taught students who have acquired a brain injury, as well as having experience with those who are diagnosed with autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, SEMH and other various educational barriers.

Lorraine currently enjoys working in an SEN school. In addition, she also offers services in English tuition to home-schooled children/young adults, which can be delivered in a hybrid fashion: student attendance at the office in a dedicated teaching and learning room and online, online only or in person only.

If you are interested in arranging tuition, please contact