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Baking Group

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13 March 2023

6 week baking group

Our course is run by a highly experienced occupational therapist, Dr Denise Harris and occupational therapy assistant, Antonia. Book on here.

Capacity for the group is set at 6 people to keep a quiet, calm environment. Support workers are invited and encouraged to come along and get involved.

Occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals are also invited to come along to assess their clients at no additional charge. Participants must have good upper body movement; the group is also suitable for wheelchair users.

Attendees must also be over the age of 16 years old.


Wednesday 12th April 1-3pm Soda Bread

Wednesday 19th April 1-3pm Scones

Wednesday 26th April 1-3pm Cheese & Onion Pie

Wednesday 3rd May 1-3pm Lemon Cake

Wednesday 10th May 1-3pm Pizza

Wednesday 17th 1-3pm Apple Slice

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