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Heads Up Social Club

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13 March 2023

What is Heads Up Social Club?

Clients, support workers and case managers often found that it was difficult to find meaningful activities for adults with a brain injury. Our football group has grown in popularity, and we know that, for many of our clients, this has become the highlight of their week. We started off by adding axe throwing to our events offered, and we got amazing feedback about how much the group benefitted clients!

Group activities have been proven to:

  • Provide informal opportunities to meet people with similar life experiences, share their stories and encourage one another
  • Widen social networks
  • Improve mental health & raise self esteem
  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Add structure and meaningful opportunities to participate

The team at Heads Up Therapies recognise the huge benefits of groups, as part of therapeutic rehabilitation. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities for groups and social activities that our clients will engage with, hence, the launch of Heads Up Social Club!

Who can attend?

Heads Up Social Club is open to any adults with an acquired brain injury, whether they receive Occupational Therapy from us or not!

Some groups have limited spaces, but we always welcome support workers, family members, OT's etc. along to accompany clients.

If you have any questions about your client's suitability for any of our events or if you have any questions, please email

How to Book

We are adding new events to our Heads Up Social club all the time. To keep up to date with our events, follow Heads Up Therapies on the link below and sign up to receive our newsletter.

Heads Up Eventbrite

Calendar of events

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