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18 December 2022

Hovercraft Trek

Come and join us for a thrilling day out where you will have the chance to try out hovercraft flying and take part in a race or time trial to find out who's the fastest?

This Hovercraft Racing package is perfect for beginners and teaches you how to get the best performance from the hovercraft. Each person takes to the controls on their own and with one-to-one instruction is taught how to fly these amazing machines. The session will begin with everyone practicing on the short course how to start and stop and tackle the first corners in these tricky machines. After initial training, you will return to the pit viewing area and the chance to watch someone else have a go. We will then ramp it up and set you off around the full course which has numerous turns and lots of water features. On your final lap you will be positioned at the start line ready for a time trial race.

What do I get?

Land & Water Track

Min 8st or Age 14 to fly alone

Max 8st and Age 5 - 13 to fly with instructor

Max 20st


For more information about this activity or to check for suitability, please email

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